About Paravakkottai

Paravakkottai is a beautiful and peaceful village of Thiruvarur district, Tamil Nadu, India.It is sorrounded by many revers, paddy and banana fields.Paravakkottai divided into four streets,north street, south street,thilagar street,main road street.The streets are elegantly arranged in such a manner that all the streets ends in the river bed. The nearby town in the north is manargudi and south is madukkur.

Although majority of the community are thevar, there are also ambalakarar and chettaiyar in good numbers.They maintain a traditional relationship among each other, which is carried along the genaration.Paravakkottai earns a good foreign money through its globally spread out community. Each family has at least one member working abroad. The new generation paravakkottaian's are well educated and are well placed.

  Farming and business are the main activities of the peoples of Paravakkottai.Although Paravakkotai is not in lower ground to the nearby water tank, the ground water is always available.Agriculture is one of the main occupations.Rice, sugarcane, groundnut, coconut  are the major crops.

Paravakkottai is connected by road to Chennai(333 km), capital of Tamil Nadu(333 km)and other major towns in South India. Nearest major railway station is Nedamanagalam (24km). Nearest international airport is Thiruchirapalli (103 km).

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